Website Design

website design

Our websites offer modern design with a current up-to-date platform, they feature fresh content and engaging images. We design our sites to be eye-pleasing and user-friendly. Our goal is to stimulate the user to learn more about your business with added features such as a strong call to action throughout the website. We make sure our sites are well-formatted with fast load times. The website will be easily accessible and secure for both the business and the user.

After your website is complete we are available to make updates and changes as needed. However, if you prefer we will provide training to make sure you are comfortable doing so. Your website will also be responsive to all devices, including an iPhone, tablet, or full-screen PC.


An E-Commerce website will put your company and products in the hands of consumers no matter what device they’re using. For many companies, especially small businesses and startups, it can be hard to reach customers in new markets with just a storefront. An E-Commerce site enables you to reach new customers online that you couldn’t reach with only brick-and-mortar sales. Here at Southern Shore Marketing, we create E-Commerce websites for businesses selling 1 to 1000’s of products. We have a solution for you no matter the size of your business.

logo design / branding

A logo plays a significant role in the overall identity and branding of a business or organization. In today’s competitive market, a well-designed logo is a required necessity for a business to stand out from the crowd. Your logo must create a lasting connection with your customers as it is a crucial element in building and maintaining a brand’s identity.

Just as important, is the versatility and adaptability of the logo to various mediums and formats, ensuring that it looks good across different platforms, from business cards to social media profiles to billboards. All of our logos are designed with these factors in mind.

Logo Design / Branding

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Did you know more than 70% of people have a social media presence and they spend more than 2 hours per day scrolling on their platforms? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other outlets are there for you to optimize, and use to expand your reach to your audience and increase traffic to your website. We are speaking to your audience when and where they’re most engaged. There are two approaches to consider.


By investing in paid social media advertising, you can extend your reach beyond your existing followers and target a larger audience. We custom-design our social media campaigns to reach a specific audience by using your target demographics. This enables you to increase brand visibility and attract new potential customers. With relevant ads and precise targeting, we help broker a win-win for you and your consumers.


Your followers have chosen to like and follow you to learn more about your business and products. Therefore your social media outlets need to be active and alive. To keep your followers interested and active your social media needs fresh content regularly. So many business owners don’t have time to make sure this is happening. Nor do they want to hire someone just to stay on top of posting. This is where can help. We make sure your social media has fresh content and engaging posts redirecting the users back to your website for more information. Remember your social media is an ongoing conversation between you and your consumer.

content management

Your website is not a “build it and forget” marketing tool. It is a living and breathing part of your marketing strategy that needs ongoing attention. Article Submission, also known as “Blogging”, is a great way to breathe new life into your website. You can become an authority on your products or services while also reaching a new audience. Blogs can continue to help your business grow and attract new customers months and even years after publication. Blogs can also assist with your organic rankings. This strategy can be used either onsite or offsite to assist in generating links back to your website. Our team is equipped with all the tools and resources to make sure your website blog page is continuously being updated with new content.

Content Managment

Email Campaign

email campaign

An email marketing campaign allows you to connect with your target market where they go every day which is their inbox. Email marketing is the most effective tool for awareness, acquisition, conversion, and retention and delivers a strong return on investment. Starting with studying your needs and business, we come up with relevant content that has the potential to make you stand out. We will manage your email address list and send an email blast promoting your business. Each email will be specifically designed to reflect your brand and professionally written with a strong call to action. We do it right.