Our Digital Marketing Process


This meeting is designed to gather information about your business and your vision of moving your business forward. We will ask questions about your goals, your target audience, and your current marketing efforts.

Research & Recommendation

Taking the information from the initial meeting, we research more about your business (industry, products, services, etc.), competitors, and demographics. We create a strategy that is specifically designed with your business’s goal in mind. Once the strategy is complete, we will review the strategy with you and obtain approval.


Once obtaining your seal of approval, we will kick off the campaign and implement all agreed-upon deliveries. Our team will be monitoring the campaign along the way, making small tweaks to optimize results.

Tracking & Reporting

After the campaign has been running, we will create a report detailing the results of the campaign so far. The purpose of monthly meetings is to discuss progress on agreed-upon benchmarks and determine which methods are working best.


Based on the information obtained in the tracking and reporting phase, we will provide recommendations and make adjustments as needed to get optimal results.

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